Literature List

Literature List

(where applicable, literature from 1990 ... today is listed only)

ALV-NIBS Technology

R. Peters, Y. Georgalis, W. Saenger, "Accessing Lysozyme Nucleation with a Novel Dynamic Light   Scattering Detector", Acta Crist. D54, 873-877, (1998)

Digital Correlation

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Data Analysis of DLS Data

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Stephen W. Provencher: "CONTIN: A General Purpose Constrained Regularization Program...", Computer Physics Communication, 27, 229-242 (1982)

Stephen W. Provencher: "CONTIN: A Constrained Regularization Method for Inverting...", Computer Physics  Communication, 27, 213-227 (1982)

Light Scattering Techniques

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Fiber-Optical Detection

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Application DLS & SLS

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This is of course a very incomplete list of the literature one can find on the above topics. A more detailed literature lists, including several additional topics and applications, can be requested from ALV.